The Black Lightning family honours the Equinoxes (times of perfect balance) and the Solstices (times of movement and change) with our energy and focus on honouring Grandmother Earth. We offer ceremony and activities that are relevant to the seasonal transitions.  Look forward to a new season while releasing the old.

SISTERHOOD - Oct 3, Nov 6, Dec 3, Jan 30, Feb 27, Mar 29, Apr 29
The Sisterhood led by Kathleen Dancing Spider Woman has been meeting on or close to the full moon for the last seven years. We celebrate the feminine and womanhood, ourselves as sisters, and the goddess in all women.  With the Sweet Medicine SunDance teachings as our guide, we create a container of love, hope and humour for the healing of ourselves, others, and all life on Grandmother Earth.

BROTHERHOOD - Sept 19, Oct 19, Nov 19, Jan 19, Feb 15, Mar 15, Apr 16
The Shining Wolf Brotherhood Circle, now led by George Star Dreamer, is a place where men gather to celebrate the qualities and gifts of the masculine and study the patriarchal teachings of the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path  It is a gathering that welcomes all men over the age of eighteen, to join with their brothers, share life experiences, explore a shamanic perspective on spirituality and maleness, and learn together.

DRUM TEAM - Sept 18, Oct 02 & 16, Nov 06 & 20, Dec 04, Jan 15, Feb 05 & 19, Mar 05 & 19, Apr 02 & 23,
May 07
Run by Andres Dancing Leaf Warrior, the Drum Team welcomes individuals of all ages, who feel called by the song of the drum.  In the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path tradition, the beat of the drum is recognized as the heartbeat of Grandmother Earth. Drumming and singing are ways of tuning our hearts and bodies in to the energy of our Grandmother and opening to the healing that she offers us. Every song is a prayer that sends our voice to the Great Spirit.  All who feel this call are welcome and no experience is required.  Gatherings are from 7:00pm to 9:00pm.

COMMUNITY PURIFICATION LODGES - Dec 10, Jan 01, Feb 11, Mar 24, Apr 28
The Purification Lodge is an ancient ceremony that has been practised in many forms throughout the world. The heat of the fire is brought  into the lodge because of the generosity of the Stone People who hold this energy so that we may transform. It is a time to pray and to reconnect with Grandmother Earth and the Spirit World. Join us in the purification lodge for the cleansing of emotions, body, mind and spirit. Call to reserve your space.

EAGLE DANCE - May 19 to 21




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