Black Lightning Lodge is the Toronto area home of the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path teachings and ceremonies, a shamanic path of healing. It is a community of people committed to accessing heart and spirit through a variety of groups, events and ceremonies that transform and heal.

For those seeking empowerment through personal growth and spiritual development, the sacred knowledge embodied in these teachings and ceremonies provides powerful and effective tools for personal transformation.

The Black Lightning Lodge is led by Grandmother Anne Weaves Hope. She has been studying on the Sweet Medicine SunDance Path since 1995 and is a teacher in the Red Lodge Longhouse program. She is also a nurse, psychotherapist, and Taoist Tai Chi instructor.

Please call us at 289-660-4183 or email for more information.



Community Purification Lodge
Sunday November 20th - 1pm

You are invited to our November Community Purification Lodge dedicated to the Powers of the North and
Energy of the Fall. It is an  opportunity to align with the north winds and the clarity of the air, with all the
heaviness of humidity gone, to see clearly what beliefs or limiting expectations you need to ‘let fall away’
like leaves and free you to open to new opportunities to enrich your life with more
knowledge and pleasure.

For more information, and to  reserve your space
Contact Grandmother Anne at or 289 660 4183

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